Your First Visit

Our dentist at Indian River Dentistry aims to help you achieve good oral health in the most efficient manner possible. Coming to our dentist every six months is highly recommended for the proper maintenance of your oral health. It is important that you find a dental office that can perform a variety of different procedures you may be looking for in a dental practice. Dentistry has come a long way with precise diagnostic technologies and better methods of treating any problem.

Once you've done a little research on what you think you may need or are looking for, look into our practice. Located in Vero Beach, Florida, our team will help you reach your oral hygiene goals and fulfill your dental needs. Here are some pointers on how to get ready for your initial visit and what you can expect:

Smile Reminders

It can be easy to forget when you scheduled a dental appointment but now we will remind you with a "Smile Reminder" via email or text message, and even provide driving directions if it's your initial visit. Just click on the link below to let us know how you'd like to be contacted. We'll do the rest!

Smile Reminder Consent Form

Download the release of records consent form.

Records Release Form

Making an Appointment

To set up an appointment, contact us by calling 772-562-9025 or visiting our dental office in Vero Beach, Florida, so that our staff can assist you to find a day and time that is available and convenient for you to visit us. 

Pre-Appointment Preparations 

If at all possible, any dental health historical records you can provide are very helpful to begin creating a profile for your particular needs. Once the appointment is scheduled, you may go ahead and fill our online forms, including your health history. It’s highly recommended to fill them out prior to the appointment as it saves you time during your first visit. If you can't access these forms online, you can still save time by arriving early to your appointment and filling the required forms in person. Click the following link to download our new patient forms:

New Patient Form

Dental Exam

On the first visit, our dentist will perform a comprehensive dental examination. During this procedure, the dentist will check the mouth and teeth for any chronic or potential issues. The dentist will be checking for any periodontal diseases (also known as gum disease), tooth decay and gingivitis. Our dentist will also review the X-rays and let you know if there is anything that you should be concerned about. After the comprehensive exam is complete, our dentist will formulate a custom-made treatment plan for you and inform you of any other recommendations.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are done so that our dentist can properly examine your teeth, jawbone and overall bone health.

Follow-Up Advice

When leaving our office, make sure to follow our dentist’s advice to keep your teeth clean and maintain optimal oral health long after treatment.

Call 772-562-9025 to contact Indian River Dentistry in Vero Beach, Florida, to receive our high-quality dental services. Our team works hard to provide you the care you deserve!