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Welcome to Indian River Dentistry.

About Us

Indian River Dentistry is a dental office in Vero Beach, where we focus on excellent service, customized patient treatments and personal care. We offer complete dental care for the entire family.

Our Atmosphere

At Indian River Dentistry, patients come first. Our serene atmosphere, combined with the latest technology and patient-centered care, makes for a safe place for you to receive the best dental care you deserve and need.

Our Team

Our dental team in Vero Beach, Florida, are constantly on the hunt for new education opportunities to stay abreast of the latest dental practices and techniques. We offer our patients with personal, one-on-one attention so that we can explain every procedure, listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

Our Philosophy

Indian River Dentistry strives to give lifetime dental care to the Vero Beach area because your oral health is an important component of your overall health. Our mission is to provide the dental services that are best for you today and tomorrow!

Our Services

Preventative measures are key to maintaining your oral health. We offer a vast array of dental services which we hope will exceed every patient’s expectations. From general cleanings to oral surgery, there is not much we cannot accomplish at Indian River Dentistry.

Emergency Dental Care

We are prepared to help you when the unexpected occurs and you find yourself in need of emergency dental care.  Whether it's a chipped, broken, or missing tooth or an even more complex oral health issue, we appreciate that immediate care is often of the utmost importance.  We're dedicated to servicing your needs and reducing your stress in traumatic circumstances,


If your smile isn't as pretty as you'd like, let us help you fix it. If you find conventional metal braces unappealing, there is a comfortable and cosmetically-pleasing alternative: Invisalign. This is a system of custom-fitting, barely visible, clear plastic aligners that straighten your teeth just like metal braces would. Some of Invisalign's advantages are that the aligners can be removed to easily take care of your oral hygiene and also allow you to look like yourself while getting your teeth in shape. 

iTero Digital Imaging

Our office utitlizes the state-of-art iTero Digital Imaging scanner to provide you with highly accurate 3D images of your teeth.  An alternative to traditional dental impressions, the iTero system is non-invasive, extremely precise, and provides a much more comfortable patient experience that saves you time and effort.  The images produced by the iTero scanner aid diagnosis and treatment and can be used for a wide variety of dental procedures.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is usually the first service those who believe in preventive care seek To keep good-looking, healthy teeth, make sure to schedule your appointment to assess your dental health and needs. Teeth cleaning keeps cavities and stains at bay and gives you a bright smile. 

During a teeth cleaning, our dentist may identify problems like tooth decay and gingivitis before they have a chance to worsen. At our clinic, you can count on our experienced dentists, plus the appropriate tools and techniques, to help you achieve your best smile ever.


A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the tooth to restore its shape, size and strength as well as improve its appearance. Ask our dentist about the types of crowns we offer.


Sometimes, Invisalign is not the best method to straighten teeth. When that happens, traditional metal braces are the most appropriate device for the task. At present, there are various other teeth straightening options including: 

  • Ceramic Braces: They work like traditional braces but have clear or tooth-colored brackets, which makes them less visible than metal ones.
  • Traditional Braces: These are the sturdier, most widely used braces with metal wires and brackets that work together to align your teeth.
  • Palatal Expander: This is a device used to expand the upper jaw so that it easily fits in with the lower one. Oftentimes, this treatment is followed with the application of traditional braces in order to straighten your teeth.
  • Forsus Appliance: This implement is used to correct the jawline of patients whose upper jaw protrudes over the lower one. This device aligns the teeth and significantly reduces an overbite, thus promoting healthy jaw growth.